Our Story

Like in so many families, the first photos of our children sitting up were taken in a… you guessed it! Ikea Antilop high chair. Many more special "firsts" followed. First taster portion. First puree. First solids. First Christmas. First birthday celebration. Always in the same trusted Ikea chair. And then we took the same photos in the same chair again for baby #2..... and baby #3!! The only difference being the baby inside it and the chair looking slightly less pristine than it did the first time round!

Whilst we will forever treasure these moments and the photos of them, it got us thinking how it would be wonderful to make the chair more stylish and photo friendly, and to make it look great for longer so it would last a family for the full duration of the baby-to-toddler years without looking scruffy. And to be able to style it different from time to time so that there’s not a thousand photos with the same fantastic-but-a-little-boring white plastic chair! There was also the issue of the dangling legs distracting our little ones during mealtime. Surely there was a way of making the chair more ergonomic?

CHAMELEON was the solution. 

We love being able to give the highchair a new breath of life with each baby (and sometimes season!), and to be able to hand the highchair down but still making it look fabulous and perfect for its new family! Finally, the addition of a wooden footrest has made a world of difference to the comfort of our children during mealtime.

We hope that you and your little ones will enjoy your updated highchair as much as our families have!

With love from Sweden 🖤