How do I install the footrest?

The footrest comes with four o-rings. These o-rings ensure the placement of the footrest on the chair legs. Install the footrest according to the instructions:

  1. Remove the two front legs from the highchair
  2. Start by rolling an o-ring onto each of these two legs of the chair. Start from the top of the leg and roll the o-ring a good bit down the leg. This is your lower o-ring that the footrest rests against.
  3. Roll the other o-ring a bit down from the top of the highchair leg. This is your upper o-ring. This o-ring is not necessary, but it does offer a bit more stability and prevents the footrest from moving upwards.
  4. Put back the legs on the highchair.
  5. Insert the footrest between the highchair legs. Adjust the footrest so that it is approximately at the level that suits your child.
  6. Roll the lower o-rings up to the bottom of the footrest. Then lower the upper o-rings to the top of the footrest.
  7. Adjust the footrest up or down based on your child's height. The child's knees should be at a 90 degree angle.

Note that the footrest is just a support for the little ones and not intended to carry the entire weight of the child. It is important to always have your child strapped in the chair and keep them under supervision at all times.

 Footrest Installation Video: here


How do I attach the leg stickers?

Full Installation Instructions:

 ***Front legs: make sure to place the sticker with the seam on the opposite side of the push button at the top of the leg***

1. Remove the front legs from the highchair.

2. Peel off the first sticker from the sheet.

3. Place the sticker at the bottom of the highchair leg, lining it up against the white 'foot' of the footrest and gently press down.

4. Keep the sticker centered and smooth by running your hands up and down, smoothing out any bubbles as you go.

5. Wrap around the leg, one side at a time, smoothing out as you go.

6. Finally run your hands up and down applying strong pressure on the seam to ensure that it's properly stuck.

7. Repeat for the second front leg.

8. For the back legs, see below to decide where you would like the seam to be and then follow steps 1-8 above.  

-If the back of your chair is facing into the room, you may choose to have the seems facing towards the middle of the chair. In this case place the seam on the opposite side of the push button, just as you did for the front legs. 

-If on the other hand you have the back of the highchair against a wall, you may wish to place the seam at the back of the legs. In this case place the seam on the same side as the push button at the top of the highchair. 

9. Repeat the same steps for the 2nd back leg.

Leg Sticker Installation instruction video: here


Can you make custom covers?

Custom orders are possible. Please contact us for further information and minimum order requirements hello@chameleonsweden.com


Do I need a cushion insert?

To use our cushion covers you will need the Ikea Antilop support cushion insert. If you don't already have one you can order one from our website with the rest of your Chameleon order. We recommend one cushion insert per high chair, and then you simply switch the covers as often as you like.


My footrest is slipping, what should I do?

Wipe your high chairs legs with a damp cloth and some washing up liquid to ensure that any grease or oil residue disappears. Let dry. Put back o-rings and footrest.